ScHoolboy Q – CrasH Talk Review

Quincy Hanley, better known by his stage-name, ScHoolboy Q, has over the years cemented himself as one of TDE's elite. He's built a reputation for his mix of introspective  lyrics on his life, his city, and the ways he has coped navigated these channels be it through gang violence, drugs, or friends with a razor... Continue Reading →

God of War Review

God of War shows that older franchises can be reinvigorated without falling victim to nostalgia. It's a game that shows its growth as a franchise mirrored with that of its protagonist that falls short in a few gameplay categories which result in an enjoyable but hampered experience. From its opening moments, one of the things... Continue Reading →

Future – THE WIZRD Review

No one would be surprised to hear that Future is one of my favorite rappers. Some of his projects are among my favorite releases from any genre, let alone Hip Hop. His mixtape rebirth that began with 2014’s Monster began a trilogy of album-quality mixtapes with Beast Mode and 56 Nights that culminated in his... Continue Reading →

Games of the Year

I'mma keep it real with you chief, 2018 was a down year compared to 2017 for videogames. But, that's kind of an unfair bar to hold 2018 to since 2017 might have been the best year for videogames in my lifetime, or at least since I was cognizant of what a "year" for mediums could... Continue Reading →


Where ? felt like an accumulation of fragmented ideas — often interesting but rarely cohesive, Skins, the Florida rapper’s first posthumous release, feels like a more focused flash of catharsis. On 17, XXXTENTACION funneled his depression and bitterness into a harrowing 20 minute sprint. Then, it feels appropriate that before his death, X may have wanted... Continue Reading →

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