Resident Evil 3 Review

Resident Evil 2 was one of the best games of 2019. It was an engrossing remake of the survival horror classic that managed to not only modernize the Playstation 1 classic, but also brought all of its idiosyncrasies without altering them in a way that changed its oppressive tension. It featured an intricately layered hub-area... Continue Reading →

Best Games of 2019

Many people have lamented on how they feel 2019 was a down year for videogames, repeating the sentiment of 2018. I do feel that the last couple of years have lived in the shadow of 2017 and that may not be fair to the releases that fall in its wake. Videogames are important to me... Continue Reading →

Untitled Goose Game Review

Geese sure are some of the biggest dicks in the animal kingdom, aren't they? Wasps, cats, hippos, badgers, and... geese. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation for why something as seemingly innocuous as a goose could just be a total asshole, bent on ruining some unsuspecting human's day. Even if you haven't personally... Continue Reading →

Gears 5 Review

  Spoilers ahead: Gears of War is one of Microsoft's most storied franchises. During the early days of the last console generation, it was the title that helped to sell Xbox 360s during their juggernaut, Halo's absence. Microsoft early in this generation had an arguably strong first-party lineup with unique titles such as Titanfall and... Continue Reading →

God of War Review

God of War shows that older franchises can be reinvigorated without falling victim to nostalgia. It's a game that shows its growth as a franchise mirrored with that of its protagonist that falls short in a few gameplay categories which result in an enjoyable but hampered experience. From its opening moments, one of the things... Continue Reading →

Games of the Year

I'mma keep it real with you chief, 2018 was a down year compared to 2017 for videogames. But, that's kind of an unfair bar to hold 2018 to since 2017 might have been the best year for videogames in my lifetime, or at least since I was cognizant of what a "year" for mediums could... Continue Reading →

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